When You Love What You Do, Time Surely Has A Way Of Flying! Friday Feb 12, 2021

When You Love What You Do, Time Surely Has A Way Of Flying!
This Valentine’s day, we highlight some of the staff who’ve been with Advance Relocation Systems for upwards of 15 years. They tell us what it is about ARS that they love so much and what has kept them here this long. 

“I have been with ARS for 30 years. My sister is Charlene Conklin and she offered me the job here and I love working here so I’ve been with the company since then. I would say that everyone is friendly.” - Michele Meeling, Accounting.



“I have been with ARS since 2005. The environment is open and I can always ask for help from everyone. We work as a team. I love coming into the office. My work is an adventure every day because I go to all kinds of different places and see all kinds of different people which is fun. I get to help people and that’s what I love the most. Dalton is the main constant. Ever evolving and growing, he’s our fearless leader who has worked so hard to keep us from going underwater.” - Sandy Lee, Private Client Sales.


When You Love What You Do, Time Surely Has A Way Of Flying!
“I started at ARS the summer of 2003 so I have been here 17 years. I have bounced around in a number of positions, from a packing contractor to an accountant and now I’m the General Manager. What I enjoy most about my job is that there is something different every day. While we move people every day, the situations that come up on each job are different and unique. I also love the family environment that we have within our group.

The constant that has remained through my entire time here has been the leadership. It has been a privilege to get to work for and learn from both Dalton and Charlene Conklin. I love that it is a family business. They have certainly made me feel like a part of their family over the last 17 years. - Krysta Banas, General Manager.


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