With 2021 In The Rearview Mirror, We’re Looking Forward To What’s In Store For 2022 Monday Jan 10, 2022

With 2021 In The Rearview Mirror, We’re Looking Forward To What’s In Store For 2022Taking the time to reflect on the past year before we head into the New Year has become a revered tradition of ours. While 2021 had some pandemic-related challenges, it ended up being much better than we could have predicted. Let’s look back at some of the highlights.

Our biggest accomplishment was managing the increased volume of business that we saw in 2021. Household goods moves are typically seasonal, with the bulk occurring between May and September the traditional “peak moving season” the period between April and September when about 80% of the 40-million moves in the U.S. take place. However, in 2021, we saw a high volume of moves throughout the entire year! This is something we weren't prepared for, but our drivers, our helpers and our warehouse staff all came together to make it happen.

We surprised ourselves by exceeding our estimated, total-growth sales. In the first, full year of the pandemic, we saw a 25% decrease in revenue, and we expected to see a decline in 2021 as well. However, what we actually saw was an increase in our estimated, total-growth sales by 15-20%. When 2021 began, our primary goal was to survive, maintain all of our employees, keep them and our clients safe and get through the year. But we ended up being able to do much more than that.

What’s in store for 2022? With the ever-changing dynamics of the pandemic, it’s hard to set concrete expectations for this New Year. However, our main goal is to exceed, by at least 10%, our pre-pandemic revenue levels. During the fourth quarter of 2021, we saw a lot of commercial and specialized moves get resuscitated and we expect this trend to continue into the New Year. Having completed Art Basel in December and with Fog 2022 and Frieze LA coming up this month, the trade show circuit is definitely coming alive once again. We are looking forward to seeing the entire commercial side of our business come on strong again. 

After 2020, it was hard to predict what 2021 would be like. The information we received daily kept changing. There were moments when we thought it was going to be a great year and moments where we thought it wasn't. Thankfully, now that the year has come to an end, we can look back and say that it was a great year. In that spirit, we look forward to things continuously improving and returning to some sense of normalcy in this New Year. We wish a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you, all!

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