Working With Wet Spring Weather During Your Move Wednesday May 16, 2018

Working With Wet Spring Weather During Your MoveSpring is often a great time to move. Much of the season is balanced between the extreme temperatures seen in summer and winter, and each day offers a little more sunlight to move and set up a new home in.

One major seasonal concern to take into account when moving is the tendency for the spring season to be wet. Rain, melting snow, morning dew and more can all contribute to the moist conditions that you may encounter during a move. Mud, puddles and other hazards can really put a damper on a move if someone slips and falls or a box is dropped and partially soaked. Here are a few pieces of advice to avoid the worst effects of wet weather during your move.

Wet spring weather can hamper a move if you aren't prepared for it.Wet spring weather can hamper a move if you aren't prepared for it.

Keep the inside of your new home as dry as possible

If your moving day falls during or right after a spring shower, the whole area will be wet to one degree or another. Working with professional movers minimizes the work you'll need to do to keep things dry compared to a DIY move, but you should still be alert - especially when it comes to any kids in the family.

Gathering up old towels, rugs that have seen better days and excess cardboard to use in the entryway and on the porch will stop water from being tracked inside. Getting a package of inexpensive shoe or boot covers can also help keep your family from tracking water into your new home.

As an alternative, consider having family members or roommates take turns bringing any belongings not handled by your movers to the front door or other threshold, with a second person ready to take the items inside. Occasionally rotate these roles and you have an effective barrier against too much water getting inside.

Protecting the items you personally transport

Your movers will have all the tools necessary to protect the belongings they carry from your old home to your new one. You just need to be sure any items you and your family or roommates bring in your own vehicles won't be harmed by the wet weather. Using plastic wrap for framed artwork, large trash bags for clothes and heavy blankets for furniture provides effective protection. If your new home has a garage, you can also park inside of it or back up to it and keep your most precious and valuable items safe from the elements.

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